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Who am I?

I'm a self taught "Software Developer" specialized in PHP, JavaScript and Python. Hoping to make at least 1 minigame in the future.

I've been learning to code for myself since I was 16. I started with Macromedia Flash 8 offline help. Then I jumped to C++, C#, Java, Python and eventually landed with PHP and JavaScript where I spent most of my time until recently when I started to work with Python (for real) to create tools and web applications and I love it.

I have experience developing SaaS applications, REST APIs, Third-Party integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Stripe) and basic websites using NuxtJs and Vue.

I have some experience with AWS and DevOps. I use Digital Ocean for my personal stuff.

I have basic knowledge of Git. I use GitHub for all my personal and company projects.

I've been using Ubuntu Desktop for about 6 years. I use ZSH, Kitty and VSCode.

I know about Jira, Trello, ClickUp and other project management tools. Also know a little about SCRUM methodology and have been using it for a while.

Proficient in English, native Spanish speaker.


The score's scale is 1 to 5. 1 been almost no experience and 5 been a lot of experience






Ubuntu 22.04




Kitty, Tmux



Experience (9 years)

Fullstack Developer

2023-02 Present (7 months)

CTO / Fullstack Developer

La Caja Company
2020-08 2023-02 (2 years)

Content Manager / Maintainer

2018-06 2022-04 (3 years)

Fullstack Developer

NextReality Digital
2019-02 2020-12 (1 year)

Fullstack Developer

Fábrica de Arte Cubano
2014-12 2018-05 (3 years)

Videogame Developer

Joven Club de Computación y Electrónica
2013-10 2014-12 (1 year)


Klipers Saas

2022-02 2023-02 (1 year)
"Dashboards for Ecommerce made easy". Tech used: Laravel + InertiaJs + TailwindCSS. Hosted on AWS with Laravel Vapor

Contegy Saas

2020-08 2023-02 (2 years)
"The Content Operations Platform for Agencies and Brands". Tech used: Laravel + InertiaJs + TailwindCSS. Hosted on AWS with Laravel Forge and Envoyer

Tenza Website

2021-11 Present (1 year)
Official website for Tenza Studio. Tech used: NuxtJs + TailwindCSS + ThreeJs + AnimeJs and Lottie. Hosted on Netlify

Alberto Hernandez Reyes Personal Website

2018-06 2021-12 (3 years)
Official website of the Cuban artist Alberto Hernandez. Tech used: NuxtJs + TailwindCSS. Hosted on Netlify

La Tinta Magazine Website

2018-03 2021-01 (2 years)
Official website for the first Cuban magazine about body art. Tech used: NuxtJs + TailwindCSS. Hosted on Netlify

PlaceArt Website

2019-02 2020-12 (1 year)
"PlaceArt aims to lower Art access barriers through Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences that allow to visualize and customize fine art prints from the best of Public Domain Museum Art pieces around the world". Tech used: NuxtJs + Laravel + ThreeJs + AFrame

Fábrica de Arte Cubano Website

2015-01 2018-06 (3 years)
Official website for the multicultural site Fábrica de Arte Cubano. Tech used: Laravel 5 + Bootstrap + jQuery

Gráfica Interactiva II (with Serones Art Group)

2017-01 2017-03 (2 months)
This was a collaboration with a cuban art group called Serones. I was tasked with the coding of the 3D navigation system, event triggers and illumination. Tech used: Unity3D